"Skyline 2020" DUBAI

24 - 29 September 2020 Location: Dubai International Art Centre

"SkyLine 2020" is an international collective exhibition of contemporary art that will be realized
in Dubai International Art Center from 24 - 29 September 2020

As the skyline of Dubai is about the most impressing characteristic of the city, we found it more than worth
to title our show "SkyLine 2020". It transmits the avanguardistic tendency of architecture strongly connected with the multicultural atmosphere in the city and the interest in innovation and technology. A city where police-robots, self driving cars, flying taxis e.o. are getting already realistic forms.

It will be evident that art is a must be in this city and we are looking forward to embrace this unique experience and to create an outstanding exhibition that combines contemporary art with different origins in an appealing and impressing conjunction.