The GZ-XPO/GROUP is a recently started group by GaleriaZero with the aim to promote selected artists internationally by means of exhibitions in different countries and a wide promotion of these artists by means of social media, press releases, cultural agenda,s, art magazines ,catalogues etc. *Also the usually high costs of transport, storage and promotion will be reduced for being a shared service.

We consider professional visual artists (all media) producing artworks of high professional and innovative quality.

To become a member of GZXPG there is a selection that garantees at the same time that your participation in by GaleriaZero organized artshows are approved.

Criterions: professionalism and Innovation.

The conditions of membership may be found HERE

We welcome you to form part of this special Group of Art Professionals.

Please, fill in your name and email here below and you will be redirected

to the inscription details.

GZ-XPO/GROUP is an iniciative of GaleriaZero - contemporary art, Kamer 52, Zandheuvel 52 b, 4901 HW, Oosterhout,The Netherlands

* Chamber of Commerce / NL reg.number: 34322694