GENERAL CONDITIONS                                 *Go to the Registration Form            

Being an artist of the GZ-XPO/GROUP includes the following:

- Inclusion in at least 3 art events in Europe with 1 or more artworks not larger than 100cm x 100 cm

(4 sqm in case of sculpture) * The exhibition space and conditions may differ in each exhibition.

- The option to participate in at least 3 exhibitions is valid during a period of 2 years. * After this period membership will be renewed in mutual accordance.

- Art works of members will be included in 1 printed edition of  GZ-ARTMAGAZINE that will be published at least once a year.

- GaleriaZero will not charge any commissions in case of sales. (In some ocassions an involved art gallery     may charge a commission of 25%)

- Membership includes promotion in social media, press releases, cultural agenda,s , magazines / catalogues and any other relevant media for the promotion of the artworks.

- Members will receive a by GaleriaZero signed certificate as a recognition of the artistic talent and as confirmation to form part of the GZ-XPO/GROUP.

- Members are selectable for individual exhibitions, art fair participations and similar events.

- A personalized folder for press documentation with continue access for updates and publications as well a portfolio with the possibility to publish as well video, sound  etc. 

- Temporary storage of artworks between the exhibitions if necessary.

- Free facility of invitation and recomendation letters for Visa or sponsors.

- Packing of the artworks after exposure will be free of costs.

- Transport and eventual border formalities will be responsability of the artist but for small parcels     ocassionally there may be exceptions in mutual accordance.

- GaleriaZero will not be responsable for any damage or loss. Nor for any program changes due

  to unforeseen circumstances. 

- Being an artist of the GZ-XPO/GROUP requiers an economic participation of  500 Euros and is valid 

  until the artist has participated in at least 3 exhibitions within the period of 2 years. * This amount must be formalized not later than 1 week after receiving the invoice


GZ-XPO/GROUP is an iniciative of GaleriaZero - contemporary art, Kamer 52, Zandheuvel 52 b, 

4901 HW, Oosterhout,The Netherlands  * Chamber of Commerce / NL reg.number: 34322694